Western-Backed Rebels Destroy Christian Church Inside Syria?

By on June 28, 2012

by Ezra Van Auken


Since rebels invaded Syria looking to overthrow al-Assad, there has been controversy on how the “un-official” group receives weapons. This has ultimately led to un-needed destruction in Syria, and photos released by PrisonPlanet.tv give proof of the crimes going on.


When has the United States been involved with weapon trade to Syria?


As SpreadLibertyNews reported at the tail end of NATO Summit in Chicago, President Obama made an agreement to send arms for Syrian rebels including anti-tank missiles.


On Saturday, June 16th the United States Security Council met with rebel forces, and the CIA in Washington DC. The groups discussed more weapon agreements for the anti-Assad forces including surface-to-air missiles.


An unnamed source from the New York Times reported on United States operatives distributing arms on the Turkish/Syrian border. Clearly pointing out the United States has been involved with the distribution of weapons to anti-Assad forces in Syria.


As SpreadLibertyNews pointed out, the operatives on Turkey’s border are handling consumers they don’t know. Making the objective challenging because the weapons are going to anybody, including extreme organizations. Due to recklessness by the US and others, pictures have surfaced showing a destroyed Syrian church.


Another picture reveals a rebel with the Priest robe and cross while wielding a machine gun, the PrisonPlanet source who caught this on record explained, “Everyone knows simply removing these garments from the church is a sin. The priest is the only one who wears them too. They even pray before putting them on. Him posing in front of the funeral car as well is disgusting to the max,” revealing the atrocities being committed in Syria.

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