War on Tour: Trump Pledges to Help Bomb Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Syria – if President

By on August 19, 2015

by Ezra Van Auken

Pledging to the interventionist tendencies of the Republican Party, Donald Trump assured viewers on Sunday’s Meet The Press that if he were president, military action would be taken against the Islamic State – and that included boots on the ground. The loudest man in politics also threatened the state of Iran and Iraq, calling the situation a potential ‘nuclear holocaust’; as well as advocating support for Saudi interventionism in Yemen. Surely, Trump had something to promise and a group of people to threaten.

From boots in Syria and Iraq to bombs on Iran and supportive efforts in Yemen, Trump has already devised a plan of interventionism – attacking state armies and fighting sects that have done no harm to American domestic life. Trump explained, “I said Iran will take over Iraq, which is happening, as sure as you’re sitting there, and ISIS is taking over a lot of oil,” concluding that the American military should “knock the hell out of the oil” and recapture oil infrastructure in Iraq where ISIS has created revenue with oil.

Trump also agreed to putting tens of thousands of U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq-Syria to gain control of oil infrastructure is part of the administrative plan.

On Iran, the loudmouth turned up the volume, predicting that Iran would “take over parts of the world” and it would further lead to “nuclear holocaust”. The hawk-eyed Republican also took shot at Saudi Arabia for not giving back to Washington’s administration. “They’re making a billion a day. We get nothing. And this is the problem with the world,” the candidate said. Remembering to remain faithful to the imperialists, Trump did imply that he would support the Saudis against current Yemen militia battles.

It was as if Trump distanced himself from other candidates, because instead of going out on a limb and supporting the Saudi state wholly, Trump would only do it ‘for a price’.

At the end of the interview, a
nswering host Chuck Todd, Trump highlighted once-U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and former Army Col. Jack Jacobs as mentors on shaping his war policies. Bolton infamously wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, titled, ‘To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran’ that glued and taped together evidence of Iran’s path to nuclear Armageddon. For Americans, that is the viewpoint they are heavily supporting in Trump’s 2016 road to the authoritarian seat.

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