Traveler Arrested over Peanut Butter and a Joke; Suing Cop and TSA for $5 Million

By on February 12, 2013

by Ali Papademetriou

It seems as though the Transportation Security Administration is always under some sort of fire. From stealing, to groping, the federal agency normally succeeds in violating US citizens’ liberty. Some of the lengths the TSA will go in the name of “security” are nothing less than outlandish.

As was reported by the New York Daily News, a man was recently arrested while going through a TSA checkpoint at the LaGuardia Airport after attempting to take a jar of peanut butter with him on his flight.

While Frank Hannibal was going through security, a TSA officer requested that he step aside of the line after discovering a layer of oil on top of the peanut butter in his Crazy Richard’s peanut butter jar. Of course, the oil that alarmed the officer was oil that was naturally separated from the solidified contents.

Seeming that the situation was ridiculous, as he was forced to step out of the line, Hannibal turned to his wife and daughter and made a joke about the situation, “They’re looking to confiscate my explosives.” The TSA worker took the comment to heart, though and called the police. Hannibal was arrested on the spot and was charged with a felony – falsely reporting an incident.

After twenty-five hours of detainment, Hannibal was let go, but wasn’t going to let the TSA or arresting cop get away without a fight. Hannibal filed a complaint in Brooklyn Federal Court and is suing the TSA worker, Edwin Sanchez, and the arresting police officer, Spencer Newman, for five million dollars.

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