the Organic Review: World Bank Demographer Admits Vaccines are used to Prevent Overpopulation

By on October 5, 2012

by Ali Papademetriou

In an interview on Tuesday, former World Bank leading demographer from 1992 to 2012, John F. May told French Internet journal, Sens Public that vaccinations are aiding the ‘overpopulation problem’ in the world and that population aging poses consequences on government spending.

Mr. May informed SP of population policies, or operations of controlling demographic statistics; he described, “A population policy is a set of interventions implemented by government officials to better manage demographic variables and to try to attune population changes (number, structure by age and breakdown) to the country’s development aspirations.” May elaborated and noted that, “Population policies attempt to modify the various components of population growth,” especially in ‘high-fertility’ countries.

May told SP that population policies may be put in place when mortality or fertility rates are too high or low. He also said that an aging population problem as well as migration and immigration rates could set the stage for possibly ‘needing’ population policies.

Interestingly, May described tactics used for population policies and stated, “The means used to implement population policies are “policy levers” or targeted actions such as vaccination campaigns or family planning to change certain key variables.”

On the topic of population aging, May revealed some unnerving information when SP asked the former World Bank demographer if aging poses consequences for government spending and migratory policies.

In response, May answered, “The economic and financial consequences of aging exist and are quite real: retirement and medical care payments are growing exponentially and are inflating government deficits, while the workers who are supposed to pay for them (actively working people) are declining inexorably compared to the non-working population (dependents).

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