Syrian Rebels Throw Postal Workers Off Roof, Regime Change to Regime Change?

By on August 13, 2012

by Ezra Van Auken


A video uploaded to the widely known media site YouTube this past Sunday shows Syrian rebels throwing bodies off a rooftop. According to reports, the roof was that of a post office in the northeastern town of Al-Bab, and victims in the massacre were postal workers. Both, Assad’s government forces and Syrian rebels have been addressed for human rights violation since the battles started.


Besides lack of coverage, there have been many absurd attacks by rebel forces inside Syria. As SLN reported on July 5th, rebel soldiers forced three captives of Assad’s army to shave half of their mustaches and praise Syrian rebels. Weeks before rebels humiliated the captured soldiers, reports came out that a rebel group destroyed and sabotaged a church.


Although attacks by Western backed rebels remain small compared to Assad’s power, knowing that rebel forces have committed similar levels of violence like the government, is a grim understanding for the future of Syria.  In order to fix the problem you have to look at solutions and what the solutions do in a long-term not just short-term; and/or weeks after overthrowing the current regime leader.


Judging by what the United States, NATO and other groups have done in recent history to countries that have faced regime change only leads one to believe what will be the outcome in Syria.


Last year US and NATO forces successfully funded an assault on Libya and overpowered the leader, Muammar Gaddafi. After the regime change, the country declined as opposed to positively affecting Libya. The amounted total of airstrikes by Western forces over Libya was around 10,000, which lead to a collapse of infrastructure all over the African nation. Not only did Western countries have a role in the destruction of Libya but Gaddafi’s forces as well, destroying oil plants and other resourceful areas.


Regardless of infrastructure, thousands were killed inside Libya including innocent women and children. Leading many in today’s age to question, is it worth supporting war that has just of a corrupted side fighting the government or leading power?

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