‘Stronger’ and ‘More Enforceable’ Gun Laws – That’s Sen. Bernie’s Solution Towards Continuous Gun Crime

By on August 6, 2015

by Ezra Van Auken

Northeast senator Bernie Sanders went bananas on NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’, taking his socialist arsenal straight to Chuck Todd on the firearms debate, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and economic inequalities today in the United States. Sticking to the issue of gun control, the message of firearm regulations was certainly expected by Sanders, but interestingly Todd challenged the longtime Vermont Senator on his position, and the answer given by Sanders was subtle, but very telling of the debate over firearm controls.

After Sanders reminded the NBC host that as a Senator, he has voted for many restrictions on firearms, including the closure of ‘gun-show loopholes’, instant background checks, and assault rifle bans – the host responded by reminding Sanders that in Louisiana and Charleston, where two recent mass-shootings took place, “There were background checks and they didn’t work, they didn’t catch what was necessary.” The response from Bernie was telling in the sense that he really had no solution to what was objectively pointed out by Todd.

Pasting together a ramble of a sentence, the Vermont ‘Independent’ explained, “Whatever we need is a system that works. Bottom line is I hope that nobody in America disagrees.” Sen. Sanders then noted that laws should be created against former and current criminals, not limited to violent criminals, but all different types of criminals. NBC’s Todd replied swiftly, again reminding Sanders that these sorts of laws are already in effect, and the continuation of violence has not declined. 

Senator Sanders dug himself the climax hole when he agreed with the NBC host’s assertion that firearm laws already existed, for the second time in the conservation, but folded by saying, “We’ve got to make them [the laws] stronger, we have to make them more enforceable.” The Vermont Senator’s only viable solution to the failure of current firearm controls is to make the present laws ‘stronger’ and ‘more enforceable’, in his own words. A totalitarian belief in thinking that a larger state [stronger prison sentences, more burdens on registering firearms, the banning of firearms, et. al] will equate better results.

For an ‘Independent’ Senator who is painting a picture on being somehow ‘pro-civil liberties’ in contrast to the wicked ‘Washington establishment’, it is glaring to watch Bernie admit that state regulation of private lives, e.g. gun controls, have not stopped ‘illegal’ firearm violence; to then spell out the exact same recipe as solution – only this time Bernie insists the central state have more power and enforcement over said laws. Unfortunately, I don’t think a more powering state has relevance to the radical, ‘pro-civil liberties’ type that Bernie colors himself out to be. 

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