Sen. Rand Paul’s Time to Become Antiwar is Now, as Lawmakers Threaten War Strikes on Iran

By on August 5, 2015

by Ezra Van Auken


“We must get the terror-erists!” These words never fall into the dark, and since the Bush-era’s Republicanized ‘War on Terror’, these words have been echoed by the western leaders. Of course now though, Iran is the terrorist and their apparent committed atrocity is building a nuclear weapon – no matter how shoddy the prosecution is by Washington’s policymakers. Current Iranian nuclear deal negotiations have brought fear to the forefront for war advocates alike, including Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who spoke to the Times of Israel, prompting that the American military could effectively destroy Iran’s capabilities of production – if need be.

Sen. Cotton explained, “It is critical that the credible threat of force back up our policy. Right now, I don’t think the Iranian leadership believes that the United States is willing to use force to protect our national security objectives,” going on to say, “Most Americans don’t believe that the words ayatollah and uranium go well together. And they’re right to believe those words don’t go well together.”

As an anarcho-capitalist, free market anarchist, anarchist individualist – whatever you, Rand Paul, would like to call me – it is already apparent that the political process is flawed. As we saw with Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential race, the Republican Party openly cheated the Paul campaign out of election votes and results in areas where Ron was supposed to win.

For example, the county-party officials in Maine that called a ‘snow day’ on the scheduled voting date, a county Ron was supposed to overwhelming win by seventy to eighty percent of the vote; and in the end there was no snow or reason to reasonably close the listed voting day. This is a breakdown in any meaning behind representation, and you know this. With the realization that no election is based on fairness or consensual openness, it is in your best interest to only speak volumes of truth, and not compromise to garner meaningless votes from unprincipled conservative hawks.

This specifically means that when the watered down, intellectually lazy presidential debate goes live tomorrow night, it is the duty of any dissenting individualist to fully show the underpinning reasons of why the ‘War on Iran’ is based on fallacious information and disingenuous, Washington imperialist drivel.

Rand, your response to the Iranian Nuclear deal was one of servitude to the state and loss of heart for the Iranian peoples. The comments you made on Twitter, calling the Iranian Nuclear Deal bad because, “Sanctions relief precedes evidence of compliance,” and “Iran is left with significant nuclear capacity 2/2,” is desperate in every fashion of the word. Neo-conservative hawks have been gripping to find any reason to paint Iran as a dogged-state, one of nuclear terror. But the wholesale of fear is not applicable to this situation of foreign policy if you actually hunt for the facts – the facts of Iran’s nuclear program.

Instead of pandering to the Fox News class of politics, the dying breed of angry war-mongers in the statist right party, become the anti-war candidate we need so badly in this race. It’s at this time that the American government has been at war for well over a decade now in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it has maintained drone bombings in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Of course, there was the destabilization of Libya and the start of a proxy war in Syria – all of which have had long-term consequences with the creation of the Islamic State.

And as most don’t even begin to understand, the Islamic State is generally a Sunni-Salafist-Wahhabist fighting sect of Islam, whereas the Iranian nation state is predominantly Shia, which is more so a polar opposite to the Sunnis, especially in the political
realm of life. So to equate Iranian nuclear ‘terror’ to the rise of the Islamic State is to ignore ideological divide between the Iranians and the Islamic State sect. Not to mention, the Iranians have actively supported their proxies, the Hezbollah faction, in Syria against the Islamic State.

Senator Paul should understand the war propaganda being sacked on Iran, just like the works of the Iraqi siege that has produced a massive multi-way civil war. The mistruths have been fundamental in toying Iran’s nuclear image; thanks to no better than the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and a half dozen other anti-Iranian nuclear deal groups who have pumped a healthy dose of money into lobbying Washington. It’s for this reason that Rand should become the anti-war candidate, to make a bold stand against a foreign lobby that has influenced American war policy so greatly that it has already cost trillions and over a decade as we speak.

American-based journalist who visited Vienna during recent Iranian negotiations, Gareth Porter, has said, “Part of this was a matter of false documents that were created by theIsraelis, their fingerprints are all over these documents…But the part that I just published in an article this past week is, in 2008, the Bush administration got Olli Heinonen who was the then-‘Head of Safeguards for the IAEA to collaborate in an effort to essentially fool the rest of the world into thinking that Iran had admitted that these documents were accurate, were authentic. And the wording in the reports that were issued were simply downright deceptive; they were misleading intentionally.”

Porter went onto to say, “The Iranians never admitted anything except names, addresses and organizations. That was actually admitted by the IAEA later on, three years later. But they tried to foist that idea on the rest of the world, and it worked, I mean a lot of people I can tell you in the news media, even in the intelligent community actually believed the Iranians had more or less admitted it [they were building nuclear weapons], but didn’t really own up, and claimed that it was for nuclear purposes, not non-nuclear purposes.”

It is not the Muslim Brotherhood or the Islamist extremist sects that Americans should worry about subverting the Washington monolith, it’s the foreign lobby of Israel and the offense contractors that have every bit of incentive to promise politicians years of pay, if war remains on the table. Rand has an opportunity to become the only anti-war candidate in both major parties. What are you waiting for, Rand Paul? It wasn’t too long ago that the American state had successfully and deceitfully overthrown the political government of Iran [and installed the Shah], demonstrating to the nation-state that foreign powers were a threat to Iranian sovereignty. The hunger for control over Iran is still on the taste buds of Washington’s elites.


Image Reference: Abaca Press/TNS

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