Scientists say No Universal Agreement of GMO Safety, Warn Public

By on October 22, 2013

by Ali Papademetriou

Nearly one hundred scientists from around the globe have joined together, fighting the claims of the government and biotech industry, and warning against the alleged safety of genetically modified organisms. Together, the scientists have signed a statement known as “No consensus on GMO safety”.

Daily Mail reported that Environment Secretary Owen Paterson of the UK has been pursuing a strong campaign working to get the public on board with thinking that genetically modified foods are safe to consume. This of course is also happening in the United States.

Now, scientists are questioning the claims and warning people that just because governments and the biotech industry believes that they are safe, doesn’t mean that they are actually safe. There’s also a lack of evidence by the backers, and ironically, there’s been a handful of animal studies performed showing the potential health risks associated with a GM diet.

In their statement they wrote, “As scientists, physicians, academics, and experts from disciplines relevant to the scientific, legal, social and safety assessment aspects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we strongly reject claims by GM seed developers and some scientists, commentators, and journalists that there is a ‘scientific consensus’ on GMO safety and that the debate on this topic is ‘over’.”

They went on to explain that the consensus simply does not even exist and that the claim that it does exist is misleading.

The lack of scientific consensus on the safety of GM foods and crops is underlined by the recent research calls of the European Union and the French government to investigate the long-term health impacts of GM food consumption in the light of uncertainties raised by animal feeding studies,” they wrote.

The group went on to write, “These official calls imply recognition of the inadequacy of the relevant existing scientific research protocols. They call into question the claim that existing research can be deemed conclusive and the scientific debate on bio-safety closed.”

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  1. Handful of studies

    October 28, 2013 at 7:32 am

    Could you please source the handful of animal studies performed showing the potential health risks associated with a GM diet?

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