Romney Supporters Demand Recount due to Fake News saying Ballots Weren’t Counted

By on November 12, 2012

by Angel Clark

Thousands of Mitt Romney supporters have begun to clamor for a recount after reading that military absentee ballots were delivered one day late. The Duffel Blog reported on Wednesday that, “hundreds of thousands of military absentee ballots were delivered hours after the deadline for them to be counted, with preliminary counts showing that they would have overturned the vote in several states and brought a victory for Gov. Mitt Romney.” Many Romney supporters, after reading the story, began calling for a recount and sharing the article on their social networking sites, without realizing The Duffel Blog is a satire news source. That means the article that raised the ire of these Romney supporters is not real.

The Duffel Blog states their site is a faux news site openly and proudly in their “about us” section. The site claims that its existence serves to provide men and women of the military with a laugh. Writers for The Duffel Blog are all people military background. They bluntly state that no writing on the website could be regarded as truthful and that they do not intend to inflict emotional harm. Despite their wishes, many Mitt Romney supporters may be upset after they realize the reason for their outrage was all a joke.

The Duffel Blog has articles like their writers attacking other faux new site The Onion with masked gunmen and helicopters and another about the Department of Defensesupporting Military Bronies, fans of the My Little Ponytelevision show. Other articles feature a grizzly bearjoining the Navy and a soldier returning a care package asking the senders to return the package filled with “porn and beer”. The Duffle Bag article is almost 400 words and only includes one link, a link to another article from The Duffle Bag about Mitt Romney surging in the polls after promising to pay the entire defense budget personally. The satire article states that Romney claimed he could always wait another year before buying another island. It also states that his aides got the idea for Romney’s funding after they were searching for spare change and found enough “loose cash to fund the coast guard”.

Many Americans use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get their news. Thousands of Americans simply read headlines and assume that the article is valid. If they had taken the time to read the article or explore the site, not only would they have found the disclaimer, they may have realized something was amiss after the article stated that twelve boxes of ballots were dropped overboard in the Persian Gulf as postal clerks pocketed the ballots they desired.

The Romney supporters demanding a recount may not yet realize that The Duffel Bag is a faux news site. Please share this article on your own social networking sites to help reach those who are unaware.

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  1. we tried

    November 12, 2012 at 9:11 am

    We tried to tell them what TDB really was.

  2. we tried

    November 12, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Oops, I meant “we their fellow commenters”. I don’t have anything to do with TDB.

  3. brian dominic

    November 12, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Romney you should have a recount done not for only the good of the people but the good of the Nation…God Bless America, land that i love

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