Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County Passes 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

By on April 4, 2013

by Ali Papademetriou

Even those who are not involved in politics or current events have probably heard at least something or another regarding firearms within the past few months.

Threats by the Obama Administration to enforce more stringent federal laws on gun control have left many citizens fearful of losing their Second Amendment right as well as state and local lawmakers realizing they have the ability to step up and disallow the feds from cracking down and violating the Constitution.

Most states across the United States are adopting their own versions of the Firearms Freedom Act as well as 2nd Amendment Preservation Act – both of which of course protect people from their Second Amendment being breached.

As SLN reported last week, even local communities are joining in and introducing small-scale accounts of the measures.

Lee County, Florida recently wrote a commission, which stated that the county Board “formally declares its support of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States,” and “calls upon the Governor and the Florida Legislature to lawfully use their powers to resist any measure that violates the right of the people of Florida and Lee County to keep and bear arms.”

Nearly simultaneously, Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County Commission adopted its version of the act, which reads that, “any federal act, bill, law, rule or executive order that in any way infringes on our Second Amendment rights by attempting to reduce the private ownership of any firearm, magazine or ammunition shall be unenforceable in Susquehanna County.”

To the comfort of Susquehanna County residents, they are the latest local community to take a stand against a federal gun grab, according to Tenth Amendment Center. The county’s Commission passed its initiative.

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