Pakistani Politician Tells Obama He Should “give peace a chance” in 2nd Term

By on November 9, 2012

by Ezra Van Auken

Drone activity around the world has increased immensely under the Obama administration and his second term isn’t looking any more promising, in terms of reforming drone usage. Just in Obama’s first term there were three different countries including Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen that were bombed without declaration.

The day after election day, Imran Khan who led a massive anti-drone protest in Pakistan decided to let Obama publicly know about what he believed should happen in regards to drone deployment. “What Pakistan would be hoping for is a de-escalation of violence now in Afghanistan and the drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas,” Khan said at the India World Economic Forum.

In addition, Khan noted that the US and Obama should “give peace a chance”, instead of using military intervention as means of hopefully creating more friendships than enemies, which seems quite contradicting but the US has made tactics such as that their primary foreign policy move. The Pakistani politician also explained that Obama’s administration was “very tough on Pakistan — an increase in drone attacks and a surge in Afghanistan and increased militancy in Pakistan as a result.”

Across the Gulf of Oman in the country of Yemen, the same day Khan spoke out about drone reform, yet another drone strike was conducted that killed 3 or more suspected militants. This was most likely an American strike meaning President Obama would have ordered the attack, showing more lack of understanding by the President.

Obviously these drone attacks break not only domestic law but also international law, as reported by

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  1. Patricia St August

    November 10, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Why are we bombing Pakistan?

    • Tonjia Rolan

      November 10, 2012 at 9:22 pm

      Because they were targeted for “regime change” under the Bush administration.

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