Judge Denies Obama Administration’s Request to Halt NSA Lawsuit Trial

By on October 11, 2013

by Ali Papademetriou

In July, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency, claiming that its surveillance is unconstitutional. In less than a month, the Justice Department is expected to respond to the hearing, but it’s reluctant.

November 1st is the deadline for the Obama administration to hand in a case management statement, with the hearing planned for November 8th and November 12th being the deadline for responding to the complaint.

With responses needed in just weeks, the administration requested that the lawsuit be postponed. Its excuse for wanting the date pushed back is none other than the now 10-day government shutdown.

To the dismay of the Justice Department, US District Judge Jeffrey White turned down the request and is requiring that the case be motioned as planned.

If it is essential that the spying continue despite the lack of appropriations, then it is equally essential that the question of whether the spying is lawful also go forward,” wrote Richard Wiebe, EFF attorney, in a court filing.

He went on to detail, “The rule of law, and the protection of civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, are every bit as essential to the preservation of American democracy as are the NSA’s spying activities.”

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