Hollywood Stars Joining Fight Against GMOs, Pro-Labeling

By on November 16, 2012

by Ali Papademetriou

In the wake of losing the GMO labeling legislation, Proposition 37, to the biotechnology and food industries, Hollywood stars have joined Californians in the fight to label genetically modified foods. Big chemical and food companies such as Monsanto Corporation, DuPont, Kraft, Kellogg’s and many more lobbied nearly 50 million dollars against the GMO-labeling initiative.

Nearly thirty different stars ranging from actors and actresses to chefs and TV Hosts have created a collaborative video advocating the ‘right to know’ what’s in our food. James Taylor, Michael J. Fox, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Chevy Chase and many more are featured in the new promotional video, for ‘Just Label It’.

The stars stressed the issue of every American citizen deserving to know what they are eating and serving their families. In addition, they’re joining ‘Just Label It’ and more than one million Americans in petitioning the FDA to require GMO labeling.

‘Just Label It’ Chairman, Gary Hirshberg commented, “These artists have joined this fight because we are pursuing a basic right, and a right enjoyed by citizens of 60 other countries, including China, Russia and every nation in the European Union.” He went on to explain, “This video will help up remind the FDA that Washington is supposed to be of, and for the people- not just a handful of chemical companies.”

When Californians and anti-GMO activists all over the country discovered that Proposition 37 did not pass on Election Day, many were disgusted and worried about the biotech and food industries gaining even more power than they already have. Such discomfort about being in the darkness of these corporations’ power has caused even Hollywood stars to join in on the battle.

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