Democratic Senators Seek to Sneak Gun Law in Cybersecurity Act

By on July 30, 2012

by Ezra Van Auken

Democratic Senators sought to add an amendment to the Cybersecurity Act, a bill that became unpopular after liberty activists and internet loyalists claimed it would hurt internet freedoms. Although, after the Cybersecurity Act prevailed and passed in the Senate, key Democrats saw an opening to slip in gun control legislation in an effort to pass more regulations that have proven unpopular in the past.

Senators Frank Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer, Jack Reed, Bob Menendez, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein all came together for stricter gun laws, this past Thursday, under the guise of being relevant to “cyber security”.

The duplicitous amendment would grant it illegal to trade or possess excessive amounts of ammunition, including gun magazines, belts, feed strips and drum clips holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.

What makes this amendment deceptive is the fact it has nothing to do with cyberspace or security. Instead it’s a proposal to Senate asking for permission to outlaw certain weapon items from US citizens, cutting the second amendment in half.

Citizens who disagree with the tactics of these Democrats and other bills alike have a chance to retaliate in some way. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky has proposed, One Subject at a Time Act, a bill that would force lawmakers to create legislation pertaining to a single subject.

If passed, Congressmen and Senators would not be allowed to push laws “through the back door”, overall creating more transparency. Besides transparency, the bill would also create more discussion in both houses for each piece of legislation debated, due to a single subject.

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