Coming Soon, Military Deployment and Operation in Mali – Pentagon Confirms

By on December 7, 2012

by Ezra Van Auken

On December 5th, the Washington Post reported that U.S. military forces are being planned and organized to deploy in Mali next year. U.S. officials have claimed that the country has become a hotbed for Islamist extremist groups. Officials in the administration also said that Malian and West African soldiers would lead US forces while receiving strategic support from the State Department and the Pentagon.

News broke of the upcoming U.S. intervention after a Senate hearing on Wednesday, when Pentagon and State Dept. officials explained the process. All of this is occurring after the United Nations’ endorsement of African-led troops, which U.N. officials say will probably agree to the deal and expect to see U.S. troops deployed within a year.

Military planners and U.S. officials hope that this deployment will curtail the growing al-Qaeda presence in Mali and Northern Africa in general. What will be obviously difficult is the overall fact that Mali is filled with tribal warfare and divides, as well as being one of the most poorest countries in the world. Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware said northern Mali was “the largest territory controlled by Islamic extremists in the world.”

Intelligence officials also note that al-Qaeda forces have been able to obtain a lot of weaponry and store it for use. Ironically, many of the arms being stored in Mali are from the NATO-backed war in Libya, which extremists took to advantage as Western forces funded the war against Gaddafi’s government.

Referring to plans, Amanda Dory, the Pentagon’s deputy assistant secretary for Africa said, “There’s plenty of other forms of information and intelligence that are circulating that give us enough insight for planning purposes,” however with other battles going on in the world with U.S. forces, it seems that regardless of planning, the foreign nation invaded does not care for Western occupation.

SLN reported in mid-November that AFRICOM, the Dept. of Defense program was spending millions on news sites to contribute information and push the work throughout northern Africa, is hoping to warm some African’s hearts of their occupation.

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