CIA Trades on Syrian Border

By on June 24, 2012

by Ezra Van Auken

Reports coming from New York Times explain that United States operatives have begun distribution in Southeast Turkey. According to details, for the past couple of weeks CIA agents have been handing out weapons and ammunition to rebels associated with fighting against Assad’s army in Syria.

One of the bigger problems about the operation is that rebels receiving these weapons are also linked to terrorist organizations, making it difficult.

The Western agents have also started to collect information on the Syrian rebel groups for recruitment, while the Obama administration is considering sharing information such as satellite images and movements by Syrian forces.

The NYT source is an anonymous Arab intelligence official, who also explained that agents might be establishing a command organization for intelligence. Since the initial involvement of United States officials, the State Department has spent 15 million dollars on medical equipment and communication devices.

Just last weekend, the US Security Council as well as the CIA and Syrian rebels met in Washington D.C. to discuss a weapons list needed against Assad’s army. With much tension rising around Syria, and the United States’ economy getting worse, many wonder what will proceed as civil war in Syria becomes larger.

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