Are Flu Vaccines Really Necessary or Safe? Doctor Argues ‘No’

By on October 17, 2013

by Ali Papademetriou

It’s that time of year again. It’s hard to avoid an advertisement for a flu shot outside of a Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Target, or the like. Many people volunteer to be jabbed with a vaccination with hopes of preventing being sickened by the flu each year, but the contrary question always arises – is the influenza vaccine really necessary or safe?

In the British Medical Journal, a scientist from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Peter Doshi Ph.D., claimed that just because the public is being persuaded to get a vaccine, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessary, or even safe for that matter. Dr. Doshi argues that vaccines are not as safe and actually cause more side effects than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) likes to admit.

Additionally, he detailed that the studies that the CDC uses to support its reasons for pushing people to get an annual flu shot are not even of high quality or credibility.

Dr. Doshi told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg, “I’m not convinced that influenza is a major public health threat so I have problems with the overarching policy [pushing flu shots], but on a personal level I fit in the healthy adults [category] and so influenza’s particularly not a threat for me and for most health adults.”

Clearly, he himself refrains from receiving a shot. “This is a disease which is unpleasant if you do get it and most people don’t get it – it’s far more rare than we think – and this is again one of the big problems… we’re lead to think that everybody’s getting it and everyone is at risk for serious complications,” he went on to say.

The risk is quite a bit lower than we’re led to believe.”

He also explained to Newsmax that the extreme push on the public to get a flu shot is a very aggressive national public health policy, clearly run by the pharmaceutical industry.

People are lead to hold these unrealistically high expectations of what this vaccine can do given all the marketing around it when there’s no reason to have those high expectations,” confirmed Doshi.

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